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Micro Finance: Course

About the Course

Our Course lasts 10-weeks and involves a lot of homework.

The idea is to take you through a process which will completely review your business idea and help you to produce your own Business Plan.

The following is a summary of the main topics covered each week:

1. Introduction

2. Vision, Values, Aims and Product/service definition

3. Customers

4. The Competition

5. Selling the product/service

6. Promotion/Advertising

7. Finances

8. Legal Issues

9. Costings for business loan

10. Presentation of Business Plan

More information can be supplied on request.

When is the next course?

We will post details of any courses that we are running here.

Please watch this space for up-dates.

Would you qualify to attend?

In order for you to qualify for one of our courses, you would need to have:

1. Never run your own business

2. A good idea of what business you want to run and done some research as to its potential

3. The determination and drive to pursue your idea

4. No experience of producing a Business Plan

5. Want us to help you make your dream a reality