"We nurture, you grow."

Source the Funds?

The money available to us comes from individuals who want to support local businesses.

Given the fact that it is their money - which they would normally invest elsewhere - they need to be convinced to invest in your business idea.

This means a more 'hands on' approach. So for example, they will want to have a relationship with you; and with that comes accountability and the ability for them to review the performance of your business on a regular basis.

How are the Funds awarded?

Each Application is considered very carefully by individual 'potential' funders. Those interested in your Business Plan, will attend a presentation by yourself, along with representatives from our Team.

After the presentation, you will be questioned on your Plan.

Potential Funders will then be given a week to decide whether they want to support you.

If you are successful, you will be put in direct contact with your Funder, and they will discuss the details of an agreement, prior to releasing the funds to you.

How do you apply for Funds?

First of all, you must have successfully completed our course; secondly, you must have a viable Business Plan; and, finally, you must be recommended by our Team for Funding.

You then need to complete an Application Form:

A copy of the Form can be supplied on request.


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