"We nurture, you grow."


Why a Tea Room?

We have identified the need for a place where people can meet socially and access low cost refreshments.

The idea has been inspired by research carried out by voluntary organisations in Ellesmere Port which identified that there is a need for physical space for social interaction in the town centre.

We believe that what is needed is an eating establishment which provides good value, low cost, healthy food for people right across the social spectrum as it will go towards fulfilling this need for social interaction.

Why will it be unique?

Since 1996, the incidence of Type 2 diabetes has more than doubled in the UK population and is set to continue to increase. Many more people are being diagnosed as pre diabetic.

Traditional cake shops offer little or nothing suitable for diabetics or pre diabetics. Inevitably, a diagnosis of diabetes or pre diabetes puts people at an increasing risk of social isolation.

A tearoom which provides affordable food suitable for low sugar/gluten free diets will help counteract that.

Also, we will offer training and work experience in catering and customer service skills, upskilling local people. It will be an informal place where people can find out what services are on offer.

What are our plans?

Our idea is to turn a closed down shop/restaurant on the high street into a vintage tea room, ice cream parlour and food shop that sells good quality, simple food at affordable prices, much of it locally produced.

We will cater for a range of health needs, offering homemade cakes, including gluten free and low sugar options at affordable prices in an attractive environment.

Our Tea Room