"We nurture, you grow."

The Battle for your Mind

This is our 'starter' course. It is a 6-week course which introduces the participant to what goes on in their minds, where thoughts come from and what they can do with them.

It covers the following:

1. Introduction

2. What are the thoughts in your head

3. What are YOUR thoughts

4. The truth will set you free

5. The power of choice

6. Can you walk free?

Finding your spirituality

Finally, a person's Wellbeing consists of looking after their body, social interactions, mind, emotions and their spirit.

We are in the process of developing another 6-week course which will be designed to help participant discover their spirituality.

Watch this space for any up-dates.

Finding your Voice

Our second course is also 6-weeks. It enables people to gain the tools to speak up and to engage with the way our society is run.

It covers the following:

1. How it feels to be voiceless

2. Finding your voice

3. Listening to others

4. What can we change?

5. Strengthening your voice

6. Going forward


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